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»» Training programme 2: Transfer of learning and collective pedagogy

The Institute Français du cheval et de l'Equitation (IFCE) is leading the development of a standard training module for teams involved in the creation of sustainable riding centers comprising programmes of horse-mediated social inclusion. The training module incorporates several training programmes covering a variety of relevant skills and competencies. 

The first training programme, dedicated to social entrepreneurship and social inclusion, took place in June 2016, in Lisbon, and focused on acquiring skills and competences to successfully plan, implement and assess the impact of a social enterprise. The second training programme is taking place at IFCE. The first session was in December 2016, followed by another in February. The next one will occur in May 2017. These sessions focus on transfer of learning and collective pedagogy in equestrian sport.

»» RISTH at the 46° Equiraduno Nazionale


Riding Together - Solidarity on Horseback will be presented at the 46° Equiraduno Nazionale, an event organised by the National Equestrian Federation of Italy (FITETREC ANTE) with the participation of our partnership member Scuderie del Peschio. From the 22nd to the 25th of June 2017 around 300 riders and 2000 visitors will be gathering for cross-country horse riding tours organised around the region of Molise.

The programme of activities of this horseback rally pretends to promote the equestrian tourism in the region and will finish at Altilia-Saepinum, also known as Sepino, one of the most important archeological spots in Italy.

»» RITSH Tip

Have you seen our Photo Gallery? Take a minute and see what Riding Together - Solidarity on Horseback looks like!

Other great news!
Meet our team: Olivier Puls

Olivier Puls works as a Horse Riding Instructor at Institut Français du Cheval et de l’Équitation (IFCE). He takes part in Cadre Noir shows, coordinates training sessions (unmounted work, long reins, horse mediated activities) and also participates at competitions (dressage). Olivier is leading Riding Together - Solidarity on Horseback’s team through the Training program taking place at IFCE.


RITSH's local sponsor: Lusitanos D'Atela

Riding Together - Solidarity on Horseback counts with the local sponsorship of Lusitanos D’Atela. This portuguese stud supports RITSH’s social inclusion programme with two lovely horses: Esmeralda and Czarina. Lusitanos d’Atela main mission is the development of the Lusitano Breed by creating horses highly prepared for regular riding classes as well as for international level competitions, following sustainable development patterns.
Erasmus + Programme 30th anniversary

In 2017 the Erasmus + Programme is celebrating its 30th anniversary. We are all to be congratulated for this great occasion since Erasmus + has created numerous and important opportunities to propose and develop high quality standard projects, improving the lives of a large number of people all across Europe. Considering this year's opportunities in the Sport area, namely the grants conceded within the ERASMUS+ Sport Collaborative Partnerships, an action that in 2015 boosted the development of Riding Together - Solidarity on Horseback, we would like to highlight the upcoming call deadline on the 6 April 2017.
BHS launches Changing Lives through Horses
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