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»» Social inclusion through horse riding - State of the art

University of Vic – Central University of Catalonia (UVic – UCC) is leading Riding Together - Solidarity on Horseback's research about the effects of horse-mediated activities on health and social inclusion. This task started by assessing the State of the art regarding social inclusion through horses as well as the needs and specificities associated with the social and economic contexts of the different countries and communities taking part in the project. For further detail on this subject take a look into the State of the art presentation created by
Judit Rusiñol Rodriguez, researcher at Vic University and member of Riding Together Riding Together - Solidarity on Horseback team.
»» RITSH's coordinator quick interview
Watch the interview with Joana Moreira, president of Todos a Galope and Riding Together - Solidarity on Horseback Coordinator and get to know a little more about this european project.

»» RITSH launches website

Riding Together - Solidarity on Horseback has a brand new website. You can find all about this project at ridingtogether.eu. Read all about our partners, get to know our latest events, subscribe our newsletter or take a peek at our photo gallery.

»» RITSH Tip

Horses can communicate with us through symbols. Who would say so? Check-out the article “Horses can use symbols to talk to us
” by Virginia Morell posted at Science
online magazine.

Other great news!
Meet our team: Alexia Massey

As Partnerships and Engagement Manager at the
British Horse Society, Alexia works to support and drive forward the education department, including furthering awareness and uptake of the BHS internationally recognised qualifications and education system. Alexia also works closely with the independent partners of the British Horse Society and the British Equestrian Federation including its member bodies. Alexia is overseeing (along with her colleague, Katie Field) the work providing insight and gathering research from pilot programmes to feed into the RITSH project.
News from our partners: Scuderie del Peschio

Scuderie del Peschio facilities and beautiful horses in this new video
. The Center is immersed in one of the greenest areas in Molise, a tiny region in the center of Italy, fully surrounded by woods. Scuderie del Peschio tries to teach its students to love and respect the horse. Other than teaching the most practiced western horseback riding disciplines, focused on the riding title degrees, the teachers focus on the right use of saddles, harnesses, knots, on the horse’ s preparation and cleaning, as well as as its behavior during the ride. Scuderie del Peschio is responsible for implementing the social enterprise model under development by RITSH along with the implementation in the other partners and countries.
RITSH’s at Erasmus + 2016 event

On the 15th of April 2016, Todos a Galope, partner and coordinator of Riding Together Solidarity on Horseback (RITSH) was invited to do a presentation about this european project at IPDJ Portugal, in Lisbon, an event organized to promote Erasmus + 2016. RITSH was pointed out as a good example of a project developed with the support of the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union within the action Collaborative Partnerships NotForProfit European Sport Events.
Assessment Meeting
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