Scuderie del Peschio

Scuderie del Peschio is a young amateur sport society founded in january 2014. The sport activities are provided by the WESTERN RIDING SCHOOL.
The Center is immersed in one of the greenest areas in Molise, a tiny region in the center of Italy, fully surrounded by woods. The Western Riding School takes people from 4 to 80 years old and everyone is welcome, even those who do not own a horse or are not interested in competitive practice.
Scuderie del Peschio tries to teach its students to love and respect the horse, other than the right riding technique. The school is authorized to give horseback riding lessons because it is affiliated to the FITETREC – ANTE ( Italian National Federation of Equestrian Tourism, Country Disciplines and Western Horseback Riding). Other than teaching the most practiced western horseback riding disciplines, followed by the release of the patents, the teachers focus on the right use of saddles, harnesses, knots, on the horse’ s preparation and cleaning and its behavior during the ride.