Todos a Galope

Todos a Galope (All at a Gallop – TaG) is a non-profit association located in Lisbon, Portugal. The mission of TaG is to allow people from all social and economical contexts to have contact with horses, with the mutual benefits that arise from that relationship, promoting equality and social inclusion through horseback riding and other equestrian activities related to healthcare and leisure. TaG operates within financial and environmental sustainability and uses equestrian activities as a mean to promote solidarity in the community.
In order to achieve its mission, TaG gathers a group of 11 people that have backgrounds, skills and vast professional experience in multiple fields such as education, management, IT, horse care and horse riding, exact sciences, veterinary, psychology, social support and communication.
TaG is coordinating and managing the project Riding Together – Solidarity on Horseback and is also responsible for leading the implementation of the Social Enterprise Model (SEM) at its venue (even as the partner Scuderie Del Peschi will implement in Italy).