Assessment Meeting & Training program 1

Riding Together – Solidarity on Horseback (RITSH) Assessment Meeting took place in Lisbon from the 7th to the 9th of June 2016 at Todos a Galope Equestrian Center. The meeting was an important step into fundamental issues regarding the development of the project, namely the Assessment for the creation of the Social Enterprise Model (SEM), the preparation of the Training Module and the Communication, Dissemination and Sponsorship Engagement Strategy. The Assessment Meeting was also a good opportunity to discuss management, reporting, planning and administrative issues.

During this meeting took place Training program 1: Social entrepreneurship and social inclusion. This training was led by the partner University of Vic – Central University of Catalonia and represented an important step into the creation of the SEM together with the contribution of the IES – Social Entrepreneurship Institute which shared its knowledge about other projects with social impact and different tools for impact measurement and evaluation of Social Entrepreneurship.