Raimón Milà

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Prof. Raimon (Universitat de Vic) has a PhD in Epidemiology and Public Health, a Master in Statisitcs and Operative investigation and a Bachelor in Nutrition and Dietetics and Food Science Technology. Nowadays, he holds the position of head of department of health and social policies. As a researcher, he has developed his expertise in the analysis of data from epidemiological studies and quantitative design of these studies. He worked mainly with experimental study designs and designs cohort and casecontrol. He has specialized in using generalized linear models (GLM) and multivariate statistics analysis (mainly principal component analysis, factor analysis and cluster analysis). In this project, he can bring all their experience in the design to the study and the subsequent data analysis to obtain as much information as possible. He has worked in several European studies such as European Prospective Investigation in Cancer (EPIC), European Food Information Resource (EuroFIR) or PLANT food supplements: Levels of Intake, Benefit and Risk Assessment (PLANTLIBRA).