Training for the research project

From the 6th to the 8th of July 2016 it took place the Training for the research project. The Training was led by the partner University of Vic – Central University of Catalonia at its facilities. Riding Together – Solidarity on Horseback’s team gathered for the apprenticeship of the Quantitative and Qualitative Research Methodology that will be applied to evaluate the impact of the equestrian activities in terms of social inclusion and wellbeing of the participants in the pilot programs.

The research training was preceded by a detailed scientific review to assess the state of the art  and included the definition of the relevant research questions and methodologies, along with the definition of appropriate timelines for data collection.

Regarding the selection of the research participants, the research will focus on the children that participate in the social inclusion programs, the staff implementing the programs, and a selection of teachers and social workers. The Training for the research project was attended by the technicians that will integrate the teams from TaG, SdP and the BHS in order to collect the data in each pilot program.

Data will be collected mainly through a research methodology called Participatory Action Research (PAR). This methodology differs from most other approaches of public health research, because it is based on reflection, data collection and action. It involves the subject in the research who, in turn, takes actions to improve its own health and social inclusion.

Both qualitative and quantitative measures will be taken. The qualitative techniques will be: focus groups, semi structured interviews, photo voice and camp diaries. Quantitative tests will also be applied pre and post intervention: the self image test – self image questionnaire; self control test – self control behaviour inventory scale test; trust – children’s interpersonal trust belief scale test; general life satisfaction – the student’s life satisfaction scale.